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壽險公司 Compliance Head

知名外商 友善職場法律遵循


工作類別 法遵
尋才企業簡介 在台經營多年保險業,每日上班時數七小時
工作說明 • Oversee the implementation of an effective compliance risk assessment program and engage with key business stakeholders
• Represent Taiwan Compliance in Group Compliance initiatives through active participation and liaison work.
• Develop and implement an effective education program through ongoing, engagement, communication and training to embed a culture of compliance and ethics compliance within Taiwan.
• Responsible for the effective communication of compliance matters in accordance with relevant reporting and escalation protocols.
• Oversee compliance reviews performed on the business unit, departments and branches / sales offices and provide solid support to the monitoring program and assurance on the implementation of remedial actions on any non-compliance issues.
• Develop and implement a structural approach and procedures to effectively deal with suspected instances of compliance policy violations by employees and/or fraud and misappropriations by agents, from receiving allegations to planning and conducting investigations
• Responsible for structuring, leading, coaching and developing the team members to strengthen the capabilities of the Compliance function.
• Developing local policies and guidelines designed to ensure compliance with higher of the Group requirements or local regulatory requirements;
• Working with the business to implement robust AML monitoring procedures and sanctions screening procedures;
• Implementing robust procedures for staff and external sales force to raise Suspicious Transactions Reporting (STR); investigating STRs and undertaking external regulatory reporting as required.
候選人要求 * Bachelor’s degree holder or above in appropriate field (e.g. Accounting, Economics, Risk Management, Business Management or Law)
* 10 -15 years solid work experience in the financial industry handling compliance and/or controls, and at least at least 3 years in a senior role.
* In-depth understanding of the insurance business preferred and, in lieu of insurance, financial services.
* Excellent interpersonal skills, high anti-pressure ability with good organized, detail-oriented and analytical traits.
* Must possess strong leadership, coaching and influencing skills; strong business acumen; effective change management skills; problem solving and decision making skills.
* With high level of integrity and takes ownership and accountability of results
* Certified AML Specialist (CAMS) or at least 3 years of experience in AML and CTF related duties in the financial services industry a plus
工作地點 大安區
職缺編號 INS2019MAY02
更新日期 2019-05-02
有效期間 2019-05-02 ~ 2019-06-30

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